Launch DSpace in less than 5 minutes with the KnowledgeArc Platform

We are proud to announce the official release of our new hosting service, The KnowledgeArc Platform.

The KnowledgeArc Platform uses a combination leading open source technologies to provide a fast, scalable, low-cost infrastructure for running various applications including DSpace and Solr.

Services are containerized for fast deployment and upgrades, resulting in greatly reduced downtime even during maintenance windows. In fact, since March 2018 we have experienced 99.99% uptime, with a two month window of 100% uptime; unparalleled by any of our competitors. The KnowledgeArc Platform also has the ability to automatically scale almost infinitely because of our industry-leading infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services. This means we can handle nearly any type of processing, memory and even storage requirements; users are no longer bound to the restrictive limits set by their existing providers. If a customer needs to grow past our generous data storage quotas we can achieve this seamlessly and with no downtime.

Outages are a thing of the past; we use open source monitors to keep an eye on both our hosted web apps and access to the underlying files. Our monitoring has been so successful it has allowed us to find and fix an issue with the way DSpace retrieves bitstreams from the underlying storage layer.

So what does this mean for you? We can now launch a production-ready DSpace instance with load balancing and a free secure certificate in less time than it takes for you to make a cup of tea or coffee. In fact, when we say we can launch a DSpace instance in less than 5 minutes, we mean we can build and launch a new fully functional DSpace instance in about one and a half minutes (depending on server load).

The KnowledgeArc Platform has been a year in the making. We have invested considerable time and resources into building an industry-leading, enterprise-level, open source-based server infrastructure which meets the needs of both legacy and modern web applications. With 17 repositories already deployed and more in the pipeline, we invite you to join us on this exciting new journey.

If you would like to deploy your DSpace on The KnowledgeArc Platform, whether via our containerized service on dedicated platform, please feel free to contact us to find out more.

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