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FFI Publikasjoner

– Integration for Open Access

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment have their open archive in the KnowledgeArc ecology, and we have worked with them to develope a future-oriented and inovatative archive. We have now finished the latest developements and are happy to share them with you.


Integration is a key-word for all our hosted archives, whatever technology they are on. The FFI archive is no exception.

FFI have been cutomers of us for a while, but when they now wanted to do updates to their archive, one of the demands was to be more integrated with the rest of the corporate online look. To be able to do that we integrated their Dspace with Joomla for a seamless experience for the end users and for FFI. Also, we have been making sure that there is lots of room to change the layout and re-style it when neccesary. This has been possible because we have been using bootstrap and joomla to obtain the neccessary flexibility.

Another integration done is with Matomo statistics, which we are also hosting for FFI. This is our favorite statistical tool which we have been using for several of our hosted archives. Matomo statistics will give FFI all the information they need to find out how the users are interacting with their archive.

CRIStin harvesting

Another demand FFI had was that they wanted their archive to be more integrated with the norwegian CRIS system, CRIStin.

Cristin is the norwegian National Current Research Information System, which all research institutions in Norway are using to register, count and share the national research output. Most archives in Norway are integrated with the CRIStin system, where fulltexts can be uploaded and then sent to the archive. With Dspace, which most institutions in Norway make use of, it is not possible to harvest from Cristin and directly in to workflow if you are using the basic DSpace. Not having this posibility makes the job of administrating the items time consuming and daunting. However, with our latest developements it is now possible to harvest items from Cristin, and send them directly in to the workflow in DSpace . With this integration I believe we can say that the FFI archive is the most Cristin-integrated system in Norway.

Embargo feature, developed in cooperation with FFI

Other new features in the archive are related to item and item views. Of these most exiting developement is related to the embago functionality. In the FFI archive embargoed items are now hidden/shown depending on the publishing date of the item (document). This a very usefull feature which contribute to an increasingly easy manageable archive, and it is a great contribution to open soucre. The developement of the feature is sponsored by FFI.

We appreciate the cooperation, and look forward to a further inovation with FFI.

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