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DSpace Services

KnowledgeArc Provides managed hosting, installation, and customisation services for the Institutional Repository software DSpace.

Document Management

Not all organisations require DSpace and KnowledgeArc provides Document Management hosting, indexing and installation services.

Online Learning

Education Technology has become much in demand with more and more courses being digitised and being made available online.

Open Source

KnowledgeArc Solutions are built on Open Source software. We also provide Statistics, Search Indexing, and custom solutions, both hosted and onsite installation.

WorldFish Digital Archive arrives on KnowledgeArc Platform

We are pleased to welcome CGIAR's WorldFish Digital Archive to KnowledgeArc's managed hosted DSpace platform. CGIAR is dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger whilst working with the various ecosystems to provide research for sustainable agriculture. WorldFish...

DSpace Statistics is fundamentally flawed (and Google Analytics is not the answer)

While it has its many flaws, DSpace's biggest strength has always been its out-of-the-box usability; install and configure it, and all the parts are in place to store, describe, index, search and view your archived material. However, with this kind of simplicity comes...

Launch DSpace in less than 5 minutes with the KnowledgeArc Platform

We are proud to announce the official release of our new hosting service, The KnowledgeArc Platform. The KnowledgeArc Platform uses a combination leading open source technologies to provide a fast, scalable, low-cost infrastructure for running various applications...

Ethereum Archive – Ownership

Investigating ownership and role-based access in KnowledgeArc.Network Ethereum archiving contracts.


Ethereum Archive – Embargoing

The concept of embargoing in the digital asset management world consists of making an item private until a particular point in time. There are various reasons for doing this. Maybe only select users are allowed to view the material for a particular amount of time;...

Ethereum Archive – Viewing an Item

In the post Ethereum as a Decentralized Archive we developed a simple item contract for archiving. The item held the hash of a file along with metadata describing the file. What we now need is a way to view an item contract on the Ethereum network. The easiest way is...

Using Ethereum as a Decentralized Archive

Ethereum is a powerful computer which uses the blockchain for processing and storing information in a decentralized way. Applications, known as smart contracts, are executed on the blockchain and the cost of interacting with these applications is baked into the price.... for Drupal

KnowledgeArc is excited to announce the 1.0.0 Alpha release of our plugin for Drupal. The plugin publishes Drupal content to the ledger via the Frost API and ensures the ownership of a content creator's work is cemented on the blockchain forever. The...

The Importance of a Decentralized Archiving Ecosystem

A discussion around the importance of a decentralized archive and ensuring the creators have full control over the submission process. for Joomla!

KnowledgeArc is excited to announce the 1.0.0 Alpha release of our plugin for Joomla!. The plugin publishes Joomla! articles to the ledger via the Frost API and ensures the ownership of a content creator's work is cemented on...
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