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DSpace Services

KnowledgeArc Provides managed hosting, installation, and customisation services for the Institutional Repository software DSpace.

Document Management

Not all organisations require DSpace and KnowledgeArc provides Document Management hosting, indexing and installation services.

Online Learning

Education Technology has become much in demand with more and more courses being digitised and being made available online.

Open Source

KnowledgeArc Solutions are built on Open Source software. We also provide Statistics, Search Indexing, and custom solutions, both hosted and onsite installation.

FFI Publikasjoner

- Integration for Open Access The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment have their open archive in the KnowledgeArc ecology, and we have worked with them to develope a future-oriented and inovatative archive. We have now finished the latest developements and are...

DSpace vs (and / or) Docman

We understand that different organisations have different needs. Because of that we offer several services so that you can pick the one that suits you and your organisation the best. photo by Arne Halvorsen DSpace As an academic institution, like a university or...

Sharethis Buttons on the KA Platform

Sharethis to the KA archives The newest feature to our KA archives is the integration of sharethis. Sharethis is an application which provide different share- and social- buttons to your archive or website. This in itself may not be so newsworthy, but we believe that...

WorldFish Digital Archive arrives on KnowledgeArc Platform

We are pleased to welcome CGIAR's WorldFish Digital Archive to KnowledgeArc's managed hosted DSpace platform. CGIAR is dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger whilst working with the various ecosystems to provide research for sustainable agriculture. WorldFish...

DSpace Statistics is fundamentally flawed (and Google Analytics is not the answer)

While it has its many flaws, DSpace's biggest strength has always been its out-of-the-box usability; install and configure it, and all the parts are in place to store, describe, index, search and view your archived material. However, with this kind of simplicity comes...

Authenticating your DSpace users with OpenAthens

We have been hard at work deploying OpenAthens integrations with DSpace for the National Health Service. OpenAthens is a centralized identity and access control mechanism provided by Eduserv, moving identities to cloud so that users can log in with the same details...

KnowledgeArc Selected as OSCE TANDIS Hosting Partner

We are pleased to announce that KnowledgeArc has been selected to host and manage the DSpace-CRIS installation for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) which is called Tolerance and...

Owning your DSpace Data

Many application and SaaS hosts pitch a no fuss, easy to use, up-to-date hosted archive. However, most customers who sign up for these services don't plan for what will happen when they no longer wish to use the services of their existing host....

Launch DSpace in less than 5 minutes with the KnowledgeArc Platform

We are proud to announce the official release of our new hosting service, The KnowledgeArc Platform. The KnowledgeArc Platform uses a combination leading open source technologies to provide a fast, scalable, low-cost infrastructure for running various applications...

Ethereum Archive – Ownership

Investigating ownership and role-based access in KnowledgeArc.Network Ethereum archiving contracts.

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