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Matomo Statistics

Document Management

LearnDash LMS


KnowledgeArc Provides managed hosting, installation, and customisation services for the Institutional Repository software DSpace.

Not all organisations require DSpace and KnowledgeArc provides Document Management hosting, indexing and installation services.

Online Learning

Education Technology has become much in demand with more and more courses being digitised and being made available online

Open Source

KnowledgeArc Solutions are built on Open Source software. We also provide Statistics, Search Indexing, and custom solutions, both hosted and onsite installation.

  • Distributing Critical Information During A Pandemic
    Distributing documentation efficiently and effectively during so much uncertainty can be difficult. Distributing critical information during a pandemic is beyond crucial. There is a lot of useful information around Covid-19: from how to wash your hands correctly to what the virus means for economic and social survival. But distributing documentation efficiently and effectively during so…

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