Clean up your DSpace workflow manager

One of the current shortcomings of the DSpace workflow manager is the inability to clean out the workflow pool; you can accept or reject them but you can’t delete them.

Today we introduce Workflow Cleaner, a new feature on our KnowledgeArc platform. Workflow Cleaner circumvents the limitations of DSpace to automatically accept, approve and then delete unwanted DSpace items from the default Workflow Manager.

Because the current DSpace REST API lacks workflow endpoints, Workflow Cleaner is designed to work with the KnowledgeArc REST API, which provides endpoints for listing and managing workflow, so cleaning out your workflow will only work if your archive runs on KnowledgeArc’s archive platform or have installed the KnowledgeArc DSpace REST API.

If you would like more information about the Workflow Cleaner or would like help installing KnowledgeArc’s DSpace REST API in order to run the Workflow Cleaner, please feel free to contact us.

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