Altmetric For Joomla!

Embed an Altmetric badge on your Joomla! web site and monitor the impact of your research information.

At KnowledgeArc, we have released the beta version of the Altmetric plugin for Joomla! which enables Joomla! content creators to embed an Altmetric badge into their articles and other content.

The Altmetric plugin is easy to install and configure; just install the plugin using the Joomla! extension manager then use the Joomla! plugin manager to easily configure and enable the plugin across your web site.

In addition to the Altmetric plugin, we have developed a module that integrates with the Joomla! Collections, Archives and Repositories extension, also known as JCar.

Altmetric plugin for Joomla! uses the Joomla! plugin infrastructure, so developers can easily extend the functionality to include with their own extensions and customizations.

The Altmetric Plugin for Joomla! and JCar Altmetric Module installation packages are available on Github.

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