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DSpace vs (and / or) Docman

We understand that different organisations have different needs. Because of that we offer several services so that you can pick the one that suits you and your organisation the best. DSpace As an academic institution, like a university or research institute, you may have academic publications that you need to manage and disseminate. To meet…


Po.et WordPress Plugin officially accepted into the WP directory

The metadata asset time stamping token Po.et has been officially accepted into the WordPress directory. https://wordpress.org/plugins/po-et/ KnowledgeArc assisted Po.et in finalising the plugin to be accepted into the WordPress directory. Read more about the exciting Po.et project at https://www.po.et/

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Introducing CollectionPress

DSpace + WordPress = CollectionPress. We are pleased to announce an open source project for the WordPress plugin, CollectionPress. CollectionPress brings together the document and knowledge management capabilities of DSpace with the content management and blogging capabilities of WordPress. CollectionPress can be used for creating an institution’s Author pages, allowing for each author to have…