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DSpace vs (and / or) Docman

We understand that different organisations have different needs. Because of that we offer several services so that you can pick the one that suits you and your organisation the best.

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As an academic institution, like a university or research institute, you may have academic publications that you need to manage and disseminate. To meet these needs we recommend the use of DSpace, a well-known and popular open source software with all the features required of an open repository.  DSpace makes it easy for you to share your academic publications to the world and to manage them according to standards.

Alongside building and hosting, we can also make your DSpace archive look like a natural part of your insitutional profile. We do this by customising it as a part of your web page by integrating it with Joomla or WordPress. In addition we can easily add features which will also seamlessly look like a built-in part of the archive. As an example we can build analytical tools as and add a variety of share and social buttons. See an example from one of our customers.


For organisations with a primary need to manage and disseminate non academic documents, like manuals and end-user documentation, we recomend the use of Docman. This is the built-in document management system in Joomla, and it is highly effective if you need to store and keep track of your non academic documents. Docman is an easy to use system with features like drag and drop, a powefull permission system and access to share files with others users.

It also happens that KnowledgeArc is an Agency Partner of Joomatools, which means that we develop plugins and provide support for customisation for their products. This parthership makes us able to build the best tools to fit your needs, and to add other tools to your archive biology. We can for instance include Fileman for media management, and Logman for adudit trail functionality.
See an example of non academic material from one of our clients

DSpace and Docman

Last, we can also recommend a mix between the two if the material you need to manage is manyfold. By integrating Joomla with DSpace we can offer the benefit of being able to use Docman for storing and disseminating non academic material, but then also run DSpace as well for the academic material. Also, if you have audio or mediafiles we can add Fileman or Logman to the customised solution. Choices are many, but fear not! We can help you to find the best solution for you and your organisation.

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