Matomo Upgrades on the KnowledgeArc Platform

KnowledgeArc provides Matomo ( as an analytical tool in the KA digital archiving ecosystem. We built our platform using the DSpace archiving software, combined with WordPress, Joomla, Docman, and Matomo Analytics, amongst others. In this way, we are building the most robust, open and sustainable archive solution for our clients. With the statistics tool from Matomo, our clients have the most flexible and powerful analytical tool to report on their content. This month, during July, two releases for Matomo upgrades were made available.

Matomo upgrades will help you become a pro.

Matomo Upgrades

Matomo has now introduced a new and useful tour feature. The tour feature will guide you through the most common steps to learn Matomo and make the most out of the product. By making use of this feature you can become an expert and you will be able to customise your own analytics as you like.

Firstly, The tour feature will help you to be totally in control and become a professional in content analytics.

As a result, the tour will guide you through the most common steps to learn Matomo and make the most of the product. It will show you how to create Goals, how to upgrade your custom logo, learn how to flatten a report, change a visualisation, create an email report, customise the dashboard, create a segment, and more.

Secondly, the Visits Log and Visitor Profile now display actions in a more readable and efficient way. When you’re tracking events, tracking file downloads, or using content tracking, or tracking videos, tracking forms, etc. your actions are now grouped together under the page in which they occurred, making it very easy to see where events occurred. There are also other smaller improvements to the visitor log (showing all e-Commerce product categories, etc.).

For more info, read about all the features in the Tour gide.

And check out Matomo statistics as used by one of our clients.

Matomo Latest Changelogs

We’ve recently performed some Matomo upgrades, from 3.9.x to 3.10.x and 3.11.x and the changelogs for those features are found here:
Changelog 3.10 and Changelog 3.11

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