SSL Certificates – Securing Communication and Data

Secure communication between your web site and your audience has always been important in providing peace of mind for you and your users. Now that most search engines require you secure your site with SSL to improve your page ranking and with many standards organizations mandating that SSL be part of your overall strategy for protecting your users, securing your web site has become the most important thing you can do to ensure your data, products or services can be found by your target audience.



However, many providers still don’t provide SSL certificates as part of their hosting plans and the ones that do often only offer the first year free before charging you excessively to keep your certificates valid. On top of this, you are often left with the job of creating, setting up and administering the certificates, which, for most, is still an arduous task.

KnowledgeArc changes all of that with our new free SSL certificates for up to 3 domains. And because we provide a managed hosting infrastructure, the set-up is handled by us; all you have to do is validate your certificate via your email address.

If you are looking to deploy a new digital archive or need to migrate away from your current over-priced and under-performing solution, check out our competitive pricing plans.

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