Sharethis Buttons on the KA Platform

Sharethis to the KA archives

The newest feature to our KA archives is the integration of sharethis. Sharethis is an application which provide different share- and social- buttons to your archive or website. This in itself may not be so newsworthy, but we believe that sharethis provide a better functionality and flexibility than such buttons have done in the past.

What makes sharethis different?

Some of the features the Sharethis buttons provide:

  • They are customizable in the sense that they can be placed wherever you need them to be placed on your page. You can also choose which buttons you want to add.
  • They have social buttons, follow buttons, reaction buttons and even email list builder buttons integrated directly with MailChimp.
  • They have language support. You can select between 9 languages out of the box and others could be integrated.
Sharethis example from Sigma

The features of inline share buttons or sticky share buttons provide our customers with the flexibility they need to customise the archive as they want. You can see an example of the sticky buttons implemented in the Henderson Archive archive.

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