At KnowledgeArc, we’re embracing the crypto-currency revolution by identifying on coins and tokens which provide real-world solutions to distributed archiving, document management, copyright and licensing, identity and persistence.

Identifying Altcoins which benefit asset longevity

Bitcoin is the most well known crypto-currency but there are others which focus on solving problems inherent to storage and copyright. Tokens such as Storj incentivize the storage of information in a distributed way, challenging centralized systems and protecting assets against a “single point of failure”. Other tokens like provide proof-of-existence of creative works and ensure the original author is identified correctly.

Participating in the Blockchain revolution

We’re actively developing solutions for archiving and documentation management in this new distributed web, releasing open source software which leverages platforms such as and Storj.

A KnowledgeArc Token

Is there a KnowledgeArc coin in the works? Watch this space…