Po.et – Own your creative work on the blockchain

We recently announced the new Frost API for Po.et.

Po.et is a decentralized ledger for tracking the ownership of creative works. It uses proof of existence to verify the ownership of a particular work that is published to the Po.et blockchain.

As KnowledgeArc’s decentralized digital asset platform evolves, it needs technology such as Po.et to manage the copyright and licensing of archived material. Po.et’s strength lies in its ease of implementation; most of the work is done for you so all you need to do is register for a token and use one of the many software tools being actively developed and you can automatically register your published material.

Developers can quickly integrate Po.et with their software with minimal knowledge of the blockchain with the recently announced Frost API.

While Po.et and Frost are still in development (currently, works can only be published to the testnet) it won’t be long before the copyright and licensing ledger is in production. Po.et is a game-changer for creative copyrighting and licensing as it simplifies how ownership of published material is tracked. This puts full control of published works back into the hands of content creators and will reduce costs around copyright and licensing disputes because everything will be verified and audited via a publicly available ledger. A whole new ecosystem could very quickly develop where authors can profit directly every time their material is used.

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