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piwikGetting a picture of what people are viewing, downloading and searching for greatly improves your ability to tailor your archive to the needs of your users. However, current implementations are limited; you either have to incur (often steep) initial costs to license enhanced because out-of-the-box statistics are limited to raw or very basic output or you need to sign up for a cloud service such as Google Analytics, meaning you give up ownership of your data to another organization and are tied to their platform as well as their user agreement.

We aim to solve both these problems with KnowledgeArc Analytics, powered by the open source Piwik analytics system. Piwik provides comprehensive capture and graphing of your archive’s usage statistics but you don’t have to hand over your data to use it; you own the data your capture. What’s even better is that because Piwik is open source, you own the analytics application as well so you can deploy it wherever you like. Piwik also has a powerful programming interface so you can extend your analytics any way you wish.

Key features of KnowledgeArc Analytics include:

  • Open source infrastructure; you own the data and the application,
  • Low cost cloud-based hosting; run your analytics on KnowledgeArc’s high-availability, scaleable infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of customized statistics solutions,
  • Statistics able to be captured from various applications; DSpace, EPrints, Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress,
  • Statistics on file downloads and other assets, not just page views,
  • A comprehensive programming interface for developer customizations.

KnowledgeArc Analytics using Piwik provides a much visualization of your archive’s usage. See the difference between DSpace’s out-of-the-box statistics versus Piwik’s Single Page analytics:

dspace usage statisticspiwik usage statistics

Find out more about KnowledgeArc Analytics using Piwik.

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