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Authenticating your DSpace users with OpenAthens

We have been hard at work deploying OpenAthens integrations with DSpace for the National Health Service. OpenAthens is a centralized identity and access control mechanism provided by Eduserv, moving identities to cloud so that users can log in with the same details across multiple web applications and sites. We have recently completed the successful deployment…

Launch DSpace in less than 5 minutes with the KnowledgeArc Platform

We are proud to announce the official release of our new hosting service, The KnowledgeArc Platform. The KnowledgeArc Platform uses a combination leading open source technologies to provide a fast, scalable, low-cost infrastructure for running various applications including DSpace and Solr. Services are containerized for fast deployment and upgrades, resulting in greatly reduced downtime even…


Po.et WordPress Plugin officially accepted into the WP directory

The metadata asset time stamping token Po.et has been officially accepted into the WordPress directory. https://wordpress.org/plugins/po-et/ KnowledgeArc assisted Po.et in finalising the plugin to be accepted into the WordPress directory. Read more about the exciting Po.et project at https://www.po.et/

Po.et for Drupal

Po.et for Drupal

KnowledgeArc is excited to announce the 1.0.0 Alpha release of our Po.et plugin for Drupal. The Po.et plugin publishes Drupal content to the Po.et ledger via the Frost API and ensures the ownership of a content creator’s work is cemented on the blockchain forever. The Drupal Po.et plugin is available for download at https://github.com/knowledgearcdotorg/drupal-poet-module/releases and…