Altmetrics Integration

Altmetrics provides an overview of your scholarly material’s online activity in a way that is quick and easy to disseminate. Using altmetrics to measure the impact adds value to your repository, whether that value is simply to help you determine whether users are engaging with your information, to whether it translates into funding opportunities for…


JCar 1.0 Beta Release Now Available

JCar, the Joomla! extension suite for integrating archived information with the Joomla! content management system, closes in on a production release with the beta pre-release of version 1.0.0. 1.0.0 Beta introduces a number of bug fixes as well as an improved interface for embedding archive items within a Joomla! articles. For more information, visit the…


JCar 1.0.0 Alpha Released

JCar, the Joomla! extension suite for integrating archived information with the Joomla! content management system, is now available as an alpha pre-release for version 1.0.0. The new version of JCar provides a modular framework for integrating collections, items and files within the Joomla! user experience as well as embedding metadata and assets from multiple items…


Rolling Updates and a New DSpace User Interface

We’re pleased to announce that our team has successfully completed rolling updates of DSpace to the latest stable version, 5.5, across our entire KnowledgeArc platform. Both DSpace 5.4 and 5.5 address a severe security issue which could have allowed a successful attacker full access to the DSpace file system, which in turn could lead to…


Clean up your DSpace workflow manager

One of the current shortcomings of the DSpace workflow manager is the inability to clean out the workflow pool; you can accept or reject them but you can’t delete them. Today we introduce Workflow Cleaner, a new feature on our KnowledgeArc platform. Workflow Cleaner circumvents the limitations of DSpace to automatically accept, approve and then…


Get the bigger picture with KnowledgeArc Analytics

piwikGetting a picture of what people are viewing, downloading and searching for greatly improves your ability to tailor your archive to the needs of your users. However, current implementations are limited; you either have to incur (often steep) initial costs to license enhanced because out-of-the-box statistics are limited to raw or very basic output or you need to sign up for a cloud service such as Google Analytics, meaning you give up ownership of your data to another organization and are tied to their platform as well as their user agreement.

We aim to solve both these problems with KnowledgeArc Analytics, powered by the open source Piwik analytics system. Piwik provides comprehensive capture and graphing of your archive’s usage statistics but you don’t have to hand over your data to use it; you own the data your capture. What’s even better is that because Piwik is open source, you own the analytics application as well so you can deploy it wherever you like. Piwik also has a powerful programming interface so you can extend your analytics any way you wish.


Double for Nothing…

In our ongoing mission to bring cost-effective archiving and digital repositories to all, we have doubled the memory on all containers for customers running archives on the KnowledgeArc platform. This will allow us to provide existing customers with better performance as well as enabling us to introduce additional improvements to speed and other metrics in the coming days, weeks and months.



KnowledgeArc Joins Ubuntu Advantage

Here at KnowledgeArc we keep striving to improve on our products and services by using the very best in software, hardware and support. We have always been committed to the most popular Linux distribution and today we solidify that commitment by joining Ubuntu Advantage. What does this mean for our customers? It means we now…


Secure CDN – Fast, Safe Content Delivery

Secure CDN

With many search engines now determining your page rank based on both how fast your site loads and how securely your visitors can browse your web site, it is more important than ever to secure transmission to and from your web site as well as deliver your web site content as quickly as possible.

Your web site content is not just a single web page; it is made up of many different elements; images, Javascript, stylesheets, even video, pdfs and audio. These put load on your web site’s delivery mechanism; not just the web server you are serving your web site from, but also on your internet bandwidth.

Don’t have knowledge of PEM generation, CA chaining and SSL ciphering? You will probably find setting up a CDN to be a very time-consuming and head-banging experience.