Michael Guthrie
Michael Guthrie
Managing Director, CTO

Having worked in the internet industry since the 1990s building websites of all types and sizes, Michael came to work with digital archives while serving as IT Officer at the Royal Naval Museum (now the National Museum of the Royal Navy) where he worked on an Heritage Lottery Funded digitisaton project called Sea Your History. Here, Michael implemented DSpace to store the digital assets, and used Joomla to display them on a thematic website. After this project, Michael went on to manage Open Repository, the managed hosted institutional repository service of Springer Biomed Central, where he launched and managed over 25 open access archives for such institutions as Anglia Ruskin University, University of Arizona, Natural History Museum, Oxfam, Médecins Sans Frontières, Helsebiblioteket’s Research Archive (HeRA), KAUST, and many others. Also while at BMC, Michael specified and produced the World Health Organisation’s Institutional Repository for Information Sharing (IRIS), the WHO’s open access archive for their documents with an interface in the six official languages of the United Nations. Michael was a member of the DSpace Community Advisor Team (DCAT), and is currently serving as a Museums Computer Group committee member.
Otuoma Sanya
Systems Librarian
Web Developer with Python Django
PHP CodeIgnitor, WordPress 
Otuoma Sanya has served more than 8 years as a Systems Librarian, consulting, developing and maintaining library systems. He brings a lot of experience from the higher education sector. He has hands-on experience in automation of academic libraries using open-source solutions, specifically with Koha, Dspace, OJS and also EZproxy. He holds a degree in Library and Information Science from Kenyatta University and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems. His real passion is in developing applications that enhance access to information resources and has been doing so for more than 8 years now in the higher education sector.
Otuoma is a developer with skills in:
–     Python with Django web framework
–     PHP with Codeigniter framework
–     Linux systems administration
–     Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT)
–     Content Management Systems (WordPress and Joomla)
Niraj Visana 
Passionate cloud Engineer
Background includes – JS,PHP,JAVA
Niraj joined KnowledgeArc in july, 2020 as Cloud Engineer with 2+ years of experience in working with Management work , Development and Cloud Technologies. He Mainly Works on Amazon Web services. Outside of office Niraj is Huge Marvel Fan, He loves watching Hollywood movies and Series. His Favourite Tagline is “All men must die”.

–     Shell Scripting
–     PHP Development
–     JS and AJAX

Aoun Muhammad 
UX/UI Designer
Aoun is from Pakistan where he started his Career in Computer Science in well known university of his Country, He is working in User experience and User Interface domain from past 3+ years. He joined KnowledgeArc as UX/UI Designer (Virtual Assistant) and serving different projects of company in the entire design process: from User Experience and analysis, to user-friendly interfaces that are both beautiful and efficient. Along with this he involved in several WordPress projects Integration as well.
Aoun is Designer with skill in:
– UX/UI Design  
– Website Design
– Product Design
– Mobile Apps Design
– Web technologies (HTML, CSS)
– Content Management Systems (WordPress)