If you require expertise in helping to analyse requirements, or for creating/evaluating tender documents, KnowledgeArc folks have contributed to institutions and groups that are in various stages of development of their online web presence for their archives and digital resources.

At KnowledgeArc, we are always looking to add more features to our suite of applications, and to provide further interoperability with external services. If there is something that is not already on our roadmap, we will welcome new ideas and feedback on what to include. And if it is something that is a timely requirement, we can put development resources on it to bring the feature forward.

One of the solutions that KnowledgeArc offers is a robust and flexible hosting solution. We manage the applications, whether it is Joomla, Wordpress, Omeka, DSpace or one of the extensions for those applications, by patching and upgrading as necessary, and provide backup and restoration services for all the managed hosted accounts.