DSpace Services

KnowledgeArc provides managed hosting as well as customisation and consulting for institutions with DSpace. We have been working with DSpace since 2006, and have worked on over 50 production level repositories. KnowledgeArc are proud to be a DuraSpace Registered Service Provider.


  • Low cost, enterprise level infrastructure.
  • Standard DSpace installation (i.e., not a fork)
  • A Full REST API with over 60 endpoints
  • Extend with JoomlaUI for DSpace for complete control over look and feel
  • Integrated with WordPress, Joomla and/or Omeka
  • Learning Management System with SCORM and Tincan Objects
  • Integrated Open Journal Systems for publishing
  • Schemaless and hierarchical metadata
  • Use DSpace, DCTERMS, Marc21, or whatever schema(s) you wish.
  • Entire System is completely portable (e.g. for taking to inhouse servers)
  • DSpace-CRIS option available (please inquire)
DuraSpace Registered Service Provider
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